Stake your ADA with a mission driven pool

Earn passive income 5.5% APY

We donate 25% of our operator margin to charity


Donation of 25% of our operator margin to Charity, already 1195€ donated


High availabilty, our nodes are hosted on AWS Paris and OVH Strasbourg, monitored 24/7


Choosen by the cardano foundation for a delegation round.

Let's decentralize Cardano

Ticker NOOPS

Hi, i'm Clément NOOPS operator and lead Devops.
We are a small team dedicated to support the Cardano network’s decentralization.
We donate 25% of our operator margin to Charity.
Our pool is here to stay, AWS machines has been payed upfront for 2 years.
We provide proof of donation on twitter. Click on the target card to learn more.

Live Stake
ROA Lifetime
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1% Fee

50k ADA Pledge

340 ADA Minimal Cost

Target: 10000€

Charity Donations

Already 1195€

Let me introduce our pool


We are fully confident in our infrastructure thanks to our DevOps team.
Our cardano nodes run on eu-west-4 (Paris).

  • 2 cardano relay nodes for high availabilty
  • 1 cardano producer node | another in backup ready for rolling updates
  • 1 monitoring node Prometheus, grafana, alertmanager
  • 1 raspberry overclocked at home fully operationnal
  • 24/7 real time alerting

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We will regularly post informations about the pool on twitter.
You can contact us by email, twitter reddit or Telegram don't hesitate if you have any questions or just to say hello.

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