How charity donation works


We are committed to make the donation process as transparent as possible, this is why we are disccussing with a Charitable organization to build a partnership. For the moment we can't have any charity logo on our website.
We will provide receipts below to prove our donations. Our donations are done by the name Claire for NOOPS.

We are in the early stage of our donation process.
The first 1000€ is a bonus to kickstart the pool.
Before epoch 265 we had less than 1M staked, we donated 50% of our fixed costs and margin converted in Euros.
From epoch 267 we will donate 25% of our margin.
The donations come from our bank account which allow us to increase our pledge.
We are working on a more substainable process with donations in ADA.

Donations history


The donations history shows the monthly amount of ADA collected by the pool and the donations value in Euros. The Euros conversion is done with the opening price.


Month Donation Date Donation ₳ Ada Price € Donation € Proof
March 26/03/21 519 0.916 1000
April 01/05/21 172 1.130 195
May 30/05/21 867 1.150 997
June 04/07/21 199 1.190 237